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Senior Dogs: Bilateral Proprioceptive Stall

Senior Dogs: Bilateral Proprioceptive Stall

Getting a Diagnosis: Bilateral Proprioceptive Stall in Aging Dogs  dog dna test  

Titan has recently been diagnosed by his veterinarian with bilateral propriocetive stall (BPS). Titan passed away in August 2014, he was 15 years old. He was pretty old for his breed. BPS does not just affect older dogs, it has multiple causes and can affect dogs at any age for various reasons. Titan’s signs and symptoms of BPS are:

Leg collapse
Inability to coordinate body movements
Difficulty walking up or down stairs

Causes of Bilateral Proprioceptive Stall
BPS can be caused by:

Acute inflammation along the spinal cord
Disruption of nerve transmission along the spinal tract
Nerve damage

How is BPS Diagnosed
BPS is diagnosed by a veterinarian based on:

Reported signs and symptoms
Abnormal neurological exam
Scans such as X-ray or MRI

Some Treatment Options May Be:
Treatment for BPS consists of:

Steroid medication
Anti-inflammatory medication
Antibiotics for infections

Our Own Experience With BPS
Because of Titan’s age and good quality of life we are currently not treating his BPS. BPS is a progressive state in aging dogs and will continue to worsen over time. Titan and I return for veterinary check ups every six months to monitor his progress and re-evaluate his plan of care. Titan is still excited to go out for long walks and he eats well and drinks well on his own initiative. He does not have any pain in his back or limbs regardless of his current condition.

What We Did to Support Titan’s Best Quality of Life

We had heard about therapeutic dog swimming lessons usually run through dog spas. Although we were skeptical, we also were desperate to promote Titan’s quality of life. We decided to try it. I have posted a few videos … Read More . . .